LA HOJA offers private dinners, top level catering and cocktail service for all types of events, and can provide any desired level of cannabis infusion in both CBD and THC options. LA HOJA is a fully equipped to provide dinner and cocktail service for events of any size and at venues with or without onsite kitchens. From elegant dinner parties to large scale soirées, Chef Luke Reyes and his team can create anything from a fine dining experience for 30 to a fun, backyard BBQ for 300. LA HOJA is all about creating a full multisensory experience around food and cannabis. We can produce a full scale event that enhances the dinner through lighting, art, music, and the overall vibe. Our production team is fully equipped to handle all production, or we can consult to help create the most memorable experience possible for your needs.

Whether you have an event coming up soon or are just interested in finding out more about what we, do don’t hesitate to drop us a line using the form to the right.